South Melbourne Congregation

Who we are

The Congregation of South Melbourne  is a faithful and hospitable group of people that come together to worship, pray, sing hymns, and learn about and celebrate God's word in today's world. Our worship is a joyful participation in the life of the compassionate and gracious Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This participation involves a listening to God’s Word and celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  Music, which lifts up our praise and thanks to God, is an essential part of our worship. Our gifted Organist enables the congregation to respond to the grace of God in the profound way that music is able to accomplish.

We meet every Sunday morning at 10 am for worship and to celebrate Holy Communion. Following the Service there is a morning tea in the Foyer to which everyone is welcome.

The congregation is supporting a Uniting Church Overseas Aid project in Zambia.

The Congregation at South Melbourne look forward to meeting you soon.


Rev (Deac) John Tansey,
Contact the Church office: 9690 1188, email 




Where we are

329 Dorcas Street
  South Melbourne (Melways 2K B3)

Bible Exploration at South Melbourne

The Congregation at South Melbourne are an enthusiastic and committed community who want to deepen their appreciation of, and communion in, the Christian faith. They know that discussing the biblical words that bear witness to God’s love for men and women in Jesus Christ deepens their communion with one
another and equips them to live as followers of Christ. ‘Fellowship Fuel’ is a group that meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 8.00pm in the Church foyer to share in learning about God’s grace. 
Any interested person is welcome to join us.

Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer is a service of sung psalms that takes place once a month at the Congregation of South Melbourne. 
Anyone is welcome to join us in worshipping God on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.

South Port Singers

File 3-08-2016
The South Port Singers is a community choir initiated by the Paul the Apostle congregation in 2001. The choir meets for about an hour on Monday evenings at 7.30pm at the Paul the Apostle church, 325 Dorcas St. Its present leader is Peter Hagen.

The choir welcomes anyone who loves singing, particularly in a group. We enjoy singing a wide range of songs, from “Let It Be” to “Dona Nobis” and “The Foggy Dew”. It is not essential for singers to read music, although much is learnt by experience. .

The choir performs at the local Napier St Hostel every few months. It also sings special carols at the Christmas Carol Service and at Skillsfest. These performances are very rewarding and much appreciated by our audience.

People interested in joining the choir should email Peter at