Lenten Studies 2019

March 5, 2019

Lenten Studies

We will take two tracks of Bible Studies this year. The first is a personal daily biblical reflection for the 40days of Lent journey and the second is 5 sessions of weekly group studies “Called to plant a future.” Daily reflection will be in our church website to download, and the group sessions will be on Wednesday’s, at homes, studying the sessions below. Please follow these tracks for your spiritual growth during this season of Lent.

Daily reflection: download here ->  2019 Lent Resource

Group Study: download here -> lentStudies2019-SPUC


Session 1 Living the future with Jesus (Luke 5:1-11,27-32)

Session 2 A future with our own people (John 4:5-30)

Session 3 Planting through hospitality (Acts 16:11-15, Phil 1:1-11, 4:15-20)

Session 4 Engaging a future with difference (Gal 2:11-14)

Session 5 Speak out for the future (Jeremiah 1:4-11)